Ways to live

Beeing aive is like you’re dead

And in my head

Still lies the feeling that I’m dead

But in my world

Things will never be the same,

Like they used to be.

And being alive in a strage feeling

That I know well,

Just hoping for the truth from all behind

And lying in my way to you…

Having those dreams every night

And waiting for reply from him

Will not make my life easier,

Even if I will go down

And try to break trough,

Missing my way down trough hell

And heaven will save me

Just to give me a frightening message:

“The end of everything will come soon…”

after 20 years will come the big thing,

the thing we have all twelve waited for,

cause the ONE who will save the world

will be helped by who will rise

from it’s own condition

and will make miracles,

walking on a LHROOH.


~ de iLove pe 8 iulie, 2007.

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