Bob Marley tribute.

„I can remember my first encounter of anything to do with Bob Marley, I was 12 years old when my mother brought home the album Natty Dread….Bob MarleyI took a look at this guy and I was scared… that’s why they call us Dreads. That experience and his music lingers in me, four years later I found myself identifying with this person. A hunger creeped in me, a desire to do what’s right, the love of my creator was awoken, and not to be afraid of standing up when it’s right not just for myself but also for others. Bob Marley put a call out to future freedom fighters;throughout his vast repertoire of music it was a code that called for others to continue on the „Struggle”…. I am One of the fighters Bob Marley trained through his music… And this is how Bob Marley affected my life …”

Pass it on… Pass it on…
Rascalin – 2000

If I were stranded on an island with only one choice of music, I would most definitely pick Bob’s music. He, to this very day, holds a large spot within my beating heart. There is not now, nor has there ever before been, a musical artist that spoke, by, for, and of the people, so righteously. Bob addresses what ails the common human, the everyday human; all humans, everywhere. Bob not only tears up the misconceptions about what’s wrong in the world, he reveals to us all how we can right the wrongs.

Listen to Bob’s music and help to heal yourself, and in so doing, the world in which we live.

Peace & Respect,
John E. Bates – 1999

Bob Marley for me is a great man who came from a small island and touched the world with his music. Marley toured the world with his roots rock reggae, and now today, across the globe you can hear the musical seeds he and other Jamaican reggae singers left in the minds of the planet. The seed blossoms today strongly in places like Russia, Germany, Poland and Japan, with many people making music that would help to heal the world. Music for serious thought, and music for merriment. All kinds of music that all goes back to the three kings, Bob Marley and brother Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer.

Reggae music with it’s different styles, dancehall, dub, rockers, dj, roots, nyabinghi and lovers rock, each of the reggae pioneers have left musical treasures behind for the generations to enjoy. When I think of Bob Marley’s I Shot The Sheriff I also seem to remember Eric Clapton’s version too, which most people think seem to think is Claptons. Marley inspired many artists like Carlos Santana, Neville Brothers and his impact is felt in their concerts, moving through the music. Even today a CD of music produced by Stephen Marley, featuring Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill dueting with Marley’s voice very similar to Natalie Cole’s duet with her father. This new CD should expose many more fans to Marley’s music.

Bob was once accused that his music from „Kaya” was „soft” sounding and his reply was the classic and stunning „Survival” album, which was revolutionary and rebellious music for sure. Marley sang love songs, but Bob Marley can never be said to not have left his music imprint on
the fabric of the nations minds. People all over the world love Bob Marley, his image is seen all over the world today. Festivals are held in his honor. And all this from a youth from Saint Ann’s Jamaica, from Nine Miles. Who says people can’t in Bob’s words „put your dreams to reality”. We all can if we try and work together. Harambe. Unity.

Love & Respect.
James Snidow – 1999 (DJ KSBR 88.5FM)

I can remember hearing Bobby M on the Jamaican radio all the time, especially in my teens in the 1970’s. The drive from Montego Bay to my school up in the hills, Knox College, was an arduous affair. The roads were narrow and winding.

To pass the time, I would check out the local scenes from the back seat of the car. Eevery couple of miles there would be a little village. Without exception, there would always be a shop where supplies could be purchased. They could sometimes be rowdy places, where mostly local men would gather in the back and drink some potent brew of rum or a cold beer right out of the cooler.

Of this colourful scene, Bob’s reggae could be heard blaring from the large speakers, set outside on a nice day. Jamaicans are connected to their music in a big way…which is why so many songs are political in nature there. But for a teenager like myself, it was the loudness and energy of his songs that attracted me. I think he might have been the first really big star in Jamaica, bigger than Michael Manley’s wife or Edward Seaga.

Bob was different than other singers, he had more than his own story to tell. His songs also gave voice to a normally reserved, peaceful and separate people, the Rastafarians. It took Bob to bigger places than even he dreamt of…the world.

I loved Bobby long before he became an international star. He was a part of my youth that molded my ideals as a grown woman. I keep a large poster of Bobby M next to my computer and have for years. I have told Bob more secrets than anyone else. For me, he is my comfort zone, my belief in humanity and my example.

We Love you Bobby M.!

Peace and Love,

I am 18 and have been listening to Bob’s music for nearly 5 years now. I have a huge collection of his material and listen to it everyday. His music simply does not cease to amaze me, and if I had never discovered Bob, I would be a different person. Bob Marley’s music has taught me what righteousness means and simply proved to me a lot of things about life.. I am also grateful to Bob Marley because he introduced me to reggae music and its message.

One Love, Jonny B.

I first saw Bob Marley when I was 16 years old. PBS was running a special about his life and was playing footage of his concert. I was immediately captivated by him and wanted to learn more. That week I bought the Legend album. I played it so much that I practically destroyed it.!!

Almost ten years later, I went to Jamaica. I immediately understood why Bob loved this land so much! I have not gotten a chance to go to nine miles yet but I am sure on my next visit to my „second home” I will get a chance to do so. Bob has changed my perspective of myself and the world around me. When I am down, I listen to „Smile Jamaica” and am transported back to that beautiful island. When I am anxious ,”Natural Mystic” reminds me that the world is so much bigger than myself and immediately calms me down.

I would like to thank Bob for being such a powerful person in my life. To all my fellow Bob fans, one love….

T. Washington


He died because of cancer. It started from an injury he received during playing soccer and it spred all over through his body, especially to his lungs and brain. The doctors told him that amputation would have been the only solution, but he denied it because of two reasons: the first, beeing a Rastafari – he was very religious and they believe that the body must remain as whole and the second one, probably not that important, that he would have loosen his ability to dance. You may see this as comical, but if you have ever seen footage with him performing on stage, you would realize that dancing was a very big part of his performace.

And remember: if you ever smoke on Bob Marley day, give the j clockwise. respect the tradition from the war.

With love and infinite respect for Bob Marley,

Myself .


~ de iLove pe 18 februarie, 2008.

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