despre mine la persoana a 3a.

Damian Marley Pimpa’s Paradise

She loves to Party, have a good time

She looks so hearty, feeling fine

She loves to smoke, sometimes shifting coke

Hey…she’d be laughing when there ain’t no joke

Pimpa’s paradise! that’s all she was now

Pimpa’s paradise! that’s all she was

Cause coke was a thing that once she first try

Was once a blue moon to once a blue sky

Now she’s wondering who else wants to go buy

She don’t got no money and wants to get high

Story sounds familiar,

Like born to be wild but sillier

Not quite the same, but she simiar

A waste of my sarsaparilla

Used to look good in the videos

Now she look hideous

Now it’s broken crack pipes with lipstick traces

Walks the cold nights–red district places

She seen more hotels than my tour suitcases

More male customers than old navy’s

She love lime light more than John Swaby’s

Seen more miles than a rent-a-avis

She don’t slow down then someday maybe

She lost and can’t find her way to safety

Pimpa’s paradise! that’s all she was now

Pimpa’s paradise! that’s all she was

For no reason a seasoned split was the first thing

One spring season while she’s out flirting

Now she season in and don’t need rehearsing

Esteem get a beating, life is uncertain

Ego need feeding, now the wants worsen

Beneath the demons she’s a warm person

When she’s not finding, swearing and cursing

Behind the curtains, she’s really hurting

And while her people don’t even trust her at home

The dealer dem grin and cook the rocks down

And she without sin will spark the first stone

The feeling kicks in she’s in the dark zone

Old friends walk pass going ‘bout their own

As if she is someone that they don’t know

Then the king of kings lifts her off the floor

Saying life is a thing when you learn you grow

Pimpa’s paradise! that’s all she was now

Pimpa’s paradise! that’s all she was

She rise and she fall like a star

Her life write off like a car

Her face full of all kinda’ scars

Always quick for start a war

She can’t keep herself up to par

She plays like a broken guitar

She always want take it too far

I doubt she ago make it too far

Me wonder how she made it so far…

So, if you ever need me and can’t find me, i’ll be .. somewhere in Pimpa’s Paradise![:x]


~ de iLove pe 19 mai, 2008.

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